This course is very useful for teachers who want to find new, more effective ways to encourage students to work towards resolving their own challenges, set goals, and helps develop a sense of responsibility for their learning. The course also provides a large amount of English practice throughout.



Participant: Kovács Alida

Time: 8/7-21/7/2018

On my way back to the airport

Course closing ceremony in Whitstable at the sea

Sunset in Whitstable

Boating or punting possibilities

Pilgrims come and go

St Francis on the coast of Stour in Canterbury

Boating tour on the Stour in the historic centre of Canterbury

Boating on the river Stour

Half-timbered house in Canterbury

Fish ‘n chips on the quay

The gorgeous medieval trade town SANDWICH two miles away from the sea with its half-timbered houses

Union Jack above the cliffs indicating the Lighthouse and the British territory

The Lighthouse above the white cliffs controlling the English Channel

The White Cliffs of Dover

Dover castle used to be the place for the Dynamo Operation in the IIWW

The King’s School used to be the Benedictine boarding school in Canterbury

Westgate in Canterbury is a medieval gatehouse

One of the ruins of the former Benedictine monastery (St Augustine Abbey)in Canterbury

The oldest part of the Cathedral in Canterbury

A low-cost way to get around. But mind the left side traffic.

Countryside in the United Kingdom


The seaside - tide area

A place for Fish’n Chips

Oxford bookshop in Whitstable

Bus ticket list


Whitstabel is a tiny cosy seaside town about 25 min away from Kent University (Bus Nr 4)

Boarding school’s front entrance

Canterbury Cathedral’s Choir

The Canterbury Tales Inn near the Marlowe Theatre

in London at the Victoria Coach Station

English Channel above the Netherlands